5 Huge Benefits of gutter cleaning

Most people have seen overflowing gutters, this articles explore 5 key benefits of keeping those gutters clean and clear. All Trade Pressure Washing provide gutter cleaning in Yeovil and throughout Somerset and Dorset. Gutters are a vital part of the drainage system on a property and especially a roof. Gutters protect roofs, doors, ceilings and foundations from water damage. In addition they help prevent foundation erosion, basement flooding and protect fascia’s and surrounding grounding from water staining and decay.

To receive the full benefits of a guttering system, it has to remain clean and clear. A lot of debris such as twigs, leaves, dust and dirt can collect in gutters. Cleaning gutters regular removes build up ensuring they are working correctly.

In the following points we explain 5 huge benefits of gutter cleaning and how you can save money, sometimes in the region of thousands of pounds. After reading this article we are sure keeping your gutters clean and clear will become a priority.

1. Gutter Cleaning increases the longevity of your roof.

The biggest reason and largest cost saving when maintaining clear gutters is the roof. Roof rapairs can run into £1000’s and poorly maintained gutters can trap ice. Trapped ice leads to increased weight and and strain on roofs. Increased weight will damage rough material such as the felt and tiles.

Furthermore a clogged gutter system will not drain as designed so water that freezes will cause gaps. These openings will cause roof leaks. When gutters work like they should, water is free flowing so ice won’t build, removing build-up and surplus weight.

2. Gutter cleaning prevents overall damage to your home

Water damage is the leading cause of structural damage to any property. A gutter system directs water away from a property and its foundations. Clogged gutters will overflow then affect your foundations, reducing the strength of the building.

A gutter system that is left unmanaged will over flow regularly comprising the integrity of the foundation reducing the value of a property. It can also lead to extensive repair bills as the break down of walls can also occur due to organism growth.

3. Gutter Cleaning improves the curb appeal of your property

When gutter over flow organic growth can occur, this causes stains. These stains will show themselves on fascia’s, render and the gutters themselves. From the curbside this will make the property looked unkept as yellow and brown streaks are evident down the side of the building.

Organic growths will also damage render causing gaps decreasing the beauty of the home. Gutters that are looked after will ensure water will run away so organic growth can not multiple.

When selling a property, first impressions are everything, clean gutters are a quick win when it comes to improving the aesthetics of a building.

4. It can prevent damage to your garden

Over flowing gutters can cause a lot of damage to surrounding areas. When gutters are blocked and heavy rain occurs, excessive water lands on garden ornaments, patios and plants. A repeating water drop can hollow a stone, so surplus water can cause a great deal of damage.

When water imbeds itself into garden ornaments it can cause breakdown, leaving it devalued. Flooding on patios and paths can also cause lifting making them a trip hazard. Again this can avoided by regularly maintaining gutters.

5. Pest can build nests in gutters that are unkept

When leaves, twigs and other greenery accumulate in gutters, pests are attracted. Pest such as rodents, insects and birds, use greenery for nesting and breeding. These animals and insect carry disease and infection, leading to poor health.

Plus when nesting, animals can cause further damage to a property by digging deeper into walls, roofs and fascia’s. When nesting using greenery further plant growth can also occur with decomposition of natural matter.

The main objective of gutter cleaning is to clear all debris including all greenery, this halts any growth and chance of nesting.

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