How we started pressure washing..

All Trade first started pressure washing by demonstrating industrial pressure washers to customers throughout Somerset and Dorset. We run a tool and machinery selling business that covers the agricultural and commercial vehicles sector which was founded in the 90’s.

The equipment needed to remove the dirt off the agricultural and commercial requires industrial tools to removed the stubborn stains. When retailing industrial pressure washing equipment, we found what brands and products work best and which are most reliable.

Cause and effect

After time our customers were coming back to us and asking All Trade to operate the cleaning equipment and carry out the work for them. We found three main reasons why people asked us to carry out the work which was as follow:-

  • due to the lack of time that people have in their daily lives.
  • due to the lack of knowledge when operating pressure washing equipment and the different pressures
  • not knowing what chemicals to use and

To some these factors may seem trivial however using industrial cleaning equipment is very different to domestic pressure washers. The pressure that industrial pressure washers can the 3x times more.

Somerset and Dorset

Being in Yeovil, we have always covered both Somerset and Dorset, it gives us great access to both counties. We decided to start a premier pressure washing services for homes and business’s, the removed the strain of external cleaning.

Since we have started we have carried out work varying from mobile homes to nearly an acre of concrete and a aircraft hanger.

We plan to expand further across more counties as time moves forward, cleaning more homes and business’s through the southwest.

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