The black streak

Large black streaks running down the render on the side of your house. Homeowners that have rendered home have more than likely experienced this. Even if not this drastic, most rendered properties will experience discolouration. This is due to the growth of algae and moss on the surface. Not having the time, energy and know how is a big factor in overcoming this issue. Professional render cleaning and softwashing solves this issue!

This discolouration can instantly reduce a properties curb appeal, therefore reducing the value of your property. This is especially vital if your are thinking of selling as first impressions are essential.

Cleaning render with science

Render cleaning and softwashing is a service we provide throughout Somerset and Dorset, bringing up you house/business like new. Ensuring no damage is incurred while carrying out the work, we use softwash equipment, while still achieving maximum results .

When Render cleaning and softwashing we use 3 different Stages are used to ensure a clean and clear render for a prolonged period. Most work carry is carried out the same and like so:-

  1. Firstly, where general staining has occurred, we use a warm power wash and suitable detergent to clean the excess dirt and grime.
  2. The pressure is increased while taking care to make sure no damage occurs, this isn’t suitable for Dash finishes.
  3. Finally once the surface is freshly cleaned an annual coat of fungicidal cleaner prevents algae from maturing on weather-beaten exteriors.

These stages make certain that areas prone to algae by remaining wet over long periods doesn’t degenerate the building, windows or doors.

This service can instantly add value and curb appeal to a property. Whether you want to come home to a nice clean house or have a property up for sale, it can dramatically improve the look and feel of any rendered property.

Have a look at some our work below or click to take a look at our full gallery alternatively explore our Youtube channel for work we have carried out for previous clients.

While carrying out this service we can also clean roofs, patios or driveways which can be offered at a discounted price as the equipment will already be set up.

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