How can I estimate driveway cleaning costs?

Driveway Cleaning and its Factors

Driveway cleaning and pressure washing makes your drive look immaculate – but how much does it really cost? It is always a good idea to know that factors affect the price of a service before you ask for an estimate, if just so you know you aren’t being over quoted.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the factors which affect driveway cleaning costs most dramatically.

How big is your driveway?

Simply put, it takes more time to clean a large driveway than it does to clean a smaller one. Some services will offer set prices for any driveway within a normal set of sizes, but even services like this will balk at being asked to clean 200 square metres of drive for the same price they would normally charge for 10 square metres.

How dirty is your driveway?

If your drive is relatively clean, this will again make the job faster and should reduce the price. On the other hand, if your drive is covered with oil stains, paint, tar specs or other difficult grime, you can expect to pay more for a good, thorough clean.

On a related note, if there are a great deal of weeds growing form the cracks or paver divisions in your drive, removing these to conduct a proper cleaning will add to the price.

Are you setting up a regular cleaning service, or is this a one-off job?

One-off cleans tend to be more expensive for several reasons. First, the drive is probably dirtier than one which gets regular cleaning (see above). Second, it takes more administrative time per cleaning to set up one-off jobs than to manage a series of regular accounts.

  • What is your drive made of?
  • Large, simple concrete slabs are perhaps the easiest surface type to clean, as they are sturdy, uncomplicated and can be cleaned with little attention to detail.
  • ‘Blacktop’ or tarmac drives are nearly as easy, though the cleaners must take care not to blast off too much of the tarmac itself with their pressure washing equipment.
  • Brick or block paver drives tends to be more expensive to clean, as they require a lot more attention to detail.

How new (or well-kept) is your driveway?

A brand new, even-surfaced drive of nearly any material will be easier and faster to clean than one with many cracks, uneven surfaces, divots and/or gouges in the surface. The time it takes to clean a worn or cracking drive is one part of it, but care is also important – a newer, more whole drive is much more difficult to damage further with pressure washing or power cleaning. There exists a substantial possibility that the pressure washing crew could damage an already compromised drive further, no matter how careful they are. This will cause many cleaning services to quote a higher price to offset he possibility of having to repair any damage done.

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