Is softwashing just for cleaning render?

Softwashing and its applications

Do you have a softer surface that is black with dirt when it should be a nice cream or white. Washing it at high pressure will just rip it to shreds. Well softwashing isn’t just for render cleaning and All Trade pressure have the answer have the answer!

When multicoloured goes monochrome!

There’s nothing worse when coming home and your house has streaks running down the render, the patios are black when they should be vibrantly multicoloured. Its not your fault, it’s how algae and dirt have built up over the years and started to grow to cover the surface. However the area is too soft to pressure wash so it break up.

Left long enough this algae and moss can become engrained into area and start to lift and cause damage. That damage can lead to thousands of pounds to repair or replace. You may

Softwashing is more than just for render cleaning…

Fortunately softwashing is a cleaning solution that remove stains, dirt and growth from most soft surfaces effectively. Softwashing is popular method for render cleaning, however it can he used for the following application:-

…the magical softwashing method.

When pressure washing to clean a surfaces the top layer is quickly removed. Softwashing uses a different approach. With the use of specialised solutions it reacts with dirt and removes it effectively and abruptly. To learn more about it, read our what is Softwashing article. To see some examples of Softwashing on render and other surfaces visit our instagram account.

It won’t cost a penny to find out how much softwashing will be! All Trade pressure washing provide a free no obligation report on how much it would cost to add value to your home today! To find out more call us today on 01935 473488 or email [email protected]. Our friendly expert approach will have you reassured of our expertise and quality service!