Softwashing Vs Painting

Softwashing Vs Painting: A quick Guide

When All Trade Pressure Washing quote for Softwashing, we often get the query about just painting a property. This guide dissects the pros and cons of Softwashing vs painting.

Softwashing and its Pro’s

When Softwashing All Trade use a specialised professional solution that removes algae and growth. These naturally occur in the exterior surface pores of a property such as render. If left untreated this algae and organic growth can spread further increasing streaking, stains and marks on a property. This in turn can leave your home or commercial property with an undesired look. Thus, dramatically decreasing curb appeal and lowering its value.

Once Soft washed, the exterior will be revitalised. Having the algae removed leaves a streak free, stainless surface. In addition, the area will be deep cleaned so if any paint is applied then it will bond effectively, and organic growth will not affect the property for a prolonged period. Although, most clients do not see the need for painting once the Softwash systems are applied.

Softwashing and its Con’s

The Softwashing method is the most effective way of cleaning render and softer surfaces so there is a cost involved. However, the benefit greatly out-weights this mild expense. Another factor to consider with Softwashing, It must be carried out by an experienced trained professional. Due to the specialised handling of Softwashing solutions, not just anyone can carry out Softwashing. Most residential properties can be completed quickly and efficiently.

Painting and its Pro’s

Obviously when painting, a topcoat is applied to the surface, this can be achieved quickly and completed by most people that can hold a paint brush or roller. Once the paint and brush or roller is bought the painting can start and cover up most of the exterior streaks on a property in a timely manner.

Painting and its Con’s.

Like most things in life, when covering something up without dealing with the problem at hand it will always come back. When applying paint over algae and organic growth, it may need several coats. Therefore it will only cover it up for a short while. The stains will soon come back making the painting process pointless. This can lead to £100’s in paint , labour fees and in some cases, a total waste of money.

Softwashing vs Painting and the Conclusion.

While painting is an effective way of covering up stains, it can take numerous coats and it does not solve the problem. This may be a quick fix but those dreaded streaks and stains will soon come back to haunt you. The cost of Softwashing is shadowed by the benefit factors as it creates a streak free surface. Alternatively restoring your home or property without the need of painting. Although, if a person wanted to change the colour of a house or home, the first step should be Softwashing. This prepares the surface to apply paint that will last and continue to look its best.

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