Softwashing and the use of Chemicals

Is SoftWashing Eco-Friendly?

One of the biggest stigmas with SoftWashing and render cleaning is idea its not environmentally friendly. This is because of the use of chemicals used in the treatment. This puts forward the idea that gardens will be damaged and even that pets could become ill or sick. However this scientific process uses a blend of soft wash products that are tailored for each project. The low environmental footprints will be further discussed.

Does it damage render?

Furthermore there is an idea that soft washing can damage render, roofs or tiles. Meaning that more harm than could will come for the cleaning process. However different to jet washing, soft washing uses a low pressure to ensure no damage is done. The main catalyst of the process is; the different blend of biocides.

The Benefits…

The benefits to using chemicals is that fact that it scientifically removes biofilm by halting the growth of bacteria. Leaving results that are long lasting and cost effective. The use of chemicals allows the pressure of water to be low so its soft on surfaces but hard on mold. Leaving a surface that is clean of spores and fresh on the eye.

  • Biocides are environmentally friendly as they have a neutral PH balance and die once it has dried.
  • This means that no plants or animals will be damaged or hurt in the process
  • Making it the most eco-friendly and cost effective way of cleaning render, roofs and tiles.

The low pressure reveals a slower process of cleaning. The biocides works it magic buy braking down the bacteria. Showing the benefits over pressure washing:-

  • A reduction in the amount of water used
  • Longer lasting results due to the eradication of the source of the organism.
  • Low pressure application designed to stop unintential damage to the buildings surface.
  • Its consistent and can be tailormade to the requirements of each customer and job.

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