Advantages of using a industrial deck cleaner

Every job has a different need, this is why, at All Trade Pressure Washing we use different types of attachments and implements. One of these being a industrial deck cleaner, an attachment used by attaching to the high pressure hose with handles and a trigger with a wide circular base to cover a vast area.

A industrial deck cleaner has a spinning rotor beneath with high powered jets that remover moss and algae with ease. This implement is used primarily for patios, block paving and pathways wide enough to accommodate and is great for business’s while work is carried out in opening hours.


  • With its wide industrial base it’s covers a larger surface area than a normal or turbo lance therefor reducing run time, meaning jobs are completed quicker with maximum results.
  • Using a flat deck cleaner reduces the amount of water used as it’s very effective in its circular fashion, by running over a surface several times in a second making certain that all grime is removed.
  • It reduces the chance of debris rebounding off other surfaces as it contains unwanted material, underneath the stainless steel hood. Leaving a completed job, tidy and clean ready for use straight away.
  • The deck cleaner causes a lesser disturbance than other implements which is great when operating in a quiet neighbourhood or work place.

With all of this in consideration, the deck cleaner is a very effective way of restoring hard surfaces effectively without any damage caused to the working areas. Like all jobs completed, we always rinse off the surface to remove any surface water and dirt to ensure an impeccable finish.

For more information contact us, we are more than happy to give advice on which equipment best suits the work carried out.