Industrial vs Domestic Pressure washers

Within All Trade we use industrial pressure washers, this equipment is highly superior to domestic pressure washers for serval reasons later discussed in this post. With results only dreamed of with the use domestic Pressure washers, commercial equipment has a much higher monetary value due to the results it creates.

Commercial Pressure washers operate at a much higher pressure removing the most stubborn substances from hard surfaces, this is also regulated and pressures can be adjusted depending on a deep clean, rinse or the situation in which the work is being carried out. For example near windows and conservatories when dirt can recoil from hard surfaces and cause damage, we turn back the power to eliminate this from happening.

Due to the higher pressure and increased results in shorter periods of time, work is carried out a lot more time efficient, meaning less disruption for business’s and homes.

With our pressure washers there are many attachments we use from adjustable and turbo lances to deck cleaners, gutter and roof attachments. We also carry high pressure hose up to 100ft this means the machine doesn’t need to be close to the operating of the lance meaning hard to reach areas are more accessible.

The machines we use are petrol driven so the use of electric is not needed meaning we can operate any where without delay, to again be more time efficient and not tied to a single locality.

For further information about the pressure difference between the two, contact us.